Swoon Recordings, founded in mid 2019, an imprint of Ryan Murgatroyd, focused on finding new sonic palettes and escaping the generic, transcending the cliches of 4/4 music. 

We are a record label, events and bookings agency. 

In our first 18 months of operation, Swoon has released music from about 15 artists all around the world, hosted 5 successful events/showcases and officially run bookings for two of South Africa’s top tier artists, Ryan Murgatroyd and Avi Subban.



Ryan Murgatroyd

Ryan Murgatroyd is starting to see the benefits of an entire lifetime consumed by, and
immersed in, electronic music.
In 2004 Ryan rose to global prominence when his first ever release, Funk Country, was
awarded the accollade of BBC Radio 1’s ‘Essential New Tune’. Shortly after this,
Toolroom Records confirmed the signing of another of his singles, ‘Music Makes Me
Feel’ which gained a lot of attention locally and abroad.
Despite this new founded success, Ryan shifted his focus from Europe and devoted his
efforts towards his South African projects, including the creation of a chart topping alias
and a string of successful music education ventures.


Avi Subban

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